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A blend of Mediterranean and Asian cuisine for a fresh perspective.


The name Kaiseki comes from a traditional style of Japanese cuisine in which a series of small, intricate dishes are prepared. It also refers to the required skills and techniques that allow the preparation of these meals, similar to the Haute cuisine of the western world. In today’s world, Kaiseki is considered an art form that balances the flavour, texture, appearance, and colour of food.

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Humility and Tradition appear in classical dishes served with a cultural twist.

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“Throughout my career, I always aimed to uplift the beauty of each ingredient to explore new flavours. Today, with our concept, we pushed the boundaries, to get the best from both worlds, the Mediterranean and Asian cultures.”

Noel Azzopardi is the Co-Owner and Head Chef at Kaiseki. With years of experience and having worked as a Head Chef in various high-end locations such as Hotel Juliani, Hilton and Hyatt Regency, he’s won many awards throughout his career as such as, Chef of the Year in 2011 as well as in 2020. He also participated in competitions abroad along with the Maltese National Team for 6 years.

GUEST testimonials

star rating  A small fusion restaurant in a central area of Valletta that doesn’t look much from outside However it’s an excellent choice as it serves some really exquisite dishes. We enjoyed the rabbit ravioli and the katsu rolls and the tiger prawns on Japanese rice is particularly delicious Reasonably priced considering the quality and would definitely recommend

avatar thumb MartinH641
March 27, 2024

star rating  WE came for dinner with my girlfriend and the asian and méditerranéen menu was delicious thanks you for having us we will definetely bé back to try more items

avatar thumb tristan g
February 9, 2024

star rating  I had an excellent internship with a wonderful and above all very kind team. I'll try to come and see you again. Thank you very much

avatar thumb Lea T
March 19, 2024

star rating  Take some time for really something special. The dim sum and the cured salmon are delicious. The ravioli is very good. The service is excellent and with good suggestions, thank you Saru.

avatar thumb Vincent V
May 4, 2024

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Humility and Tradition appear in classical dishes served with a cultural twist.